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  • parking

    Parking Parking places

    Enjoy your stay without having to worry about your beloved car – there is a free-of-charge public parking space in front of the apartment.

  • terasa

    Terrace Afternoon relaxation

    You are tired, but it’s still to hot to go to beach? This small terrace is ideal for a short relaxation in the shade of the apartment.

  • plaza

    Beach Beaches

    When you feel like going for a swim in the clear sea, the first beach ist just 50m away. Main beach is equipped with showers and changing cabins.

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    WiFi Internet Free Internet

    Social networks or your job cannot wait for you to come back from vacation? No problem, our internet is free of charge and unlimited.

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    Children playground Playground for kids

    If you are coming with children, a playground is a great spot for them to socialize and spend afternoon hours with their playmates.

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    Around us National parks and towns

    If a vacation is more than just sleeping and swimming for you and you wish to make use it to a maximum, look under locations you shoud not miss.

Accommodation description

Having arrived in Raslina, the first view that opens before your eyes is that of two small parks and boats tied at the waterfront. Bujas apartment is located precisely there, in the very heart of Raslina, in the shade of the park… It is just a couple steps away from the beach, two groceries, a bakery, a small café, a restaurant, a children playground and a basketball court. The apartment, situated on the first floor of a family house and refurbished in 2014, accommodates up to 4 persons in two bedrooms. The big bedroom has a queen size bed, a TV and a small balcony, and the small one has two single beds, which can be joined together as a twin bed if desired. Both bedrooms have a sea view. The apartment has a bathroom with a shower and a kitchenette. It is air conditioned. Bed linen, towels, a hairdryer and kitchenware are provided. WI-FI is provided and is free of charge, just like a parking space in front of the apartment.
Smoking is allowed. Pets are subject to prior arrangement, however the owner reserves the right to refuse such a request.

Other information about the location

Raslina is a small village in the County of Šibenik-Knin, on the western shore of beautiful Prokljansko jezero, in which the Krka River joins the Adriatic sea, thus giving it a unique nature. Precisely its position makes it a perfect destination for all tourists- directly connected with Skradin and the National Park Krka, which consists of seven travertine waterfalls of exceptional beuaty, it is an ideal stop for yachtsmen (Bill Gates, Roman Abramovic, Philip Zepter or Alberto Bailleres are among the many who have anchored their yachts in the Lake, however the village does not have a marina) as well as, given the fact that it offers peace and relaxation, for those wishing to get away from modern urban hectic life. Families will definitely enjoy Raslina beaches, which are suitable for children. Even those in search of nightlife will not be disappointed, for the vibrant tourist town of Vodice, which is abundant in it, can be reached within ten minutes by car, just like the city of Šibenik, the administrative, political, economic, social and cultural centre of the County, which shall satifsy the tastes of those craving for culture, history and Mediterannean architecture.
There is yet another nature’s pearl in the vicinity of Sibenik – the Kornati National Park, a heaven on earth, attracting tourists with the unique beauty of its landscape.

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  • PeriodPriceAC included in the priceCity tax included in price
  • 1.4.-1.5.35€YesYes
  • 1.5.-1.6.40€YesYes
  • 1.6.-1.7.45€YesYes
  • 1.7.-15.750€YesYes
  • 15.7.-15.8.60€YesYes
  • 15.8.-1.9.50€YesYes
  • 1.9.-1.10.40€YesYes
  • 1.10.-1.11.35€YesYes


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Around us

What to do and see while in our apartment

Nature lovers

Krka National Park
There are no words to describe the beauty of its travertine cascades, lakes and islands. Beside walking all around the park and enjoying the uniqueness of ristine nature, there are educational and hiking trails, restored ethnological monuments from which you can learn more about this region’s history and may restaurants offering Dalmatian dishes.
For more information go to http://www.npkrka.hr/#/pocetna/?lang=eng&p= and http://www.npkrka.hr/#/za-posjetitelje/sadrzaji/?lang=eng.
Kornati National Park
Unique for its (lack of) vegetation and crystal blue sea, the Kornati islands are a must-see. Stunned by the beauty surrounding you, do not forget to take a swim to make the experience even more unforgettable! For more information go to http://www.kornati.hr/index.php/en.
Aquarium Šibenik
Just a few steps from the Sibenik Cathedral, located in an old stone house, this aquarium with both Adriatic and tropical fish and plants is loved both by children and adults. For more information go to http://aquariumsibenik.com/.
St. Anthony’s Canal
The importance and usefulness of this promenade/cycling trail for both turists and locals was recognized and therefore funded by the EU. Opened in 2013, it has since become a favourite weekend recreation for many. Apart from the main belvedere offering stunning sea views of the city of Sibenik, this promenade leads to a cave of St. Anthony with an underground chapel only to end at the foot of the St. Nicholas fortress, one of the most valuable and best preserved examples of defense architecture in Dalmatia built in the mid-16 century to prevent Turkish boats from entering the Sibenik port.
For more information go to http://www.kanal-svetog-ante.com/stranica/7/atrakcije-u-kanalu.html?lang=en.
St Michael’s fortress
The fortress, erected on a 70m high stone cliff and rising in its magnificence above the old town, was built of white hewn stone in the period between 15th and 17 century.

Apart from its archaeological (Iron Age remains have been found here) and historical significance (it served for the defence against invaders), it offers a great view of the town and is therefore a must-see. The fortress was refurbished and re-opened for visitors in June 2014. Its area of 2600 m2 has made it into a great concert venue- since its re-opening, classical to electronic music concerts have been held here.

Falconry center
Only 8 km away from Sibenik, situated in a thick pine forest, this center gives you an insight into the life of falcons. For more information go to http://sokolarskicentar.com/.
Visit the island of Krapanj, the smallest (0.36 km2), lowest (only 1.5m above sea level) and most densely populated Mediterranean island only 300 m away from the mainland (on the outskirts of Šibenik). Take some photos of its stone houses and streets and look at (or buy) sea sponges for which the island is famous!

Sport/Adventure lovers

Swimming Marathon
Continuously held since 2010, it is included in the official calendar of the Croatian Long Distance Swimming Federation and has a CRO CUP license. Though introduced only recently, the ever growing number of international contestants witness to its importance and attractiveness. For more information go to http://www.raslina5km.com/index.php/en/.
Bungee jumping
Is there a better way to feel a rush of adrenalin than doing a bungee jump from the Sibenik bridge, with a view of Sibenik streching in front of you and the deep blue sea beneath you? http://www.bungee.com.hr/en
Regardless of whether you are an experienced or a beginner diver, the beauties of the Croatian undersea life will take your breath away. There are numerous diving schools around Sibenik. For more information go to http://www.sibenikregion.com/en/tourist-info/active-vacations/diving.
Cycling as both a sport and everyday recreation has been on the rise for the last few years all throughout Croatia. There are numerous cycling tracks – http://www.sibenikregion.com/en/tourist-info/active-vacations/cycling ; http://issuu.com/sibeniktz/docs/biciklisti__ka_opisno, but you can decide to find your own one!
Zrmanja rafting
Take an expedition down the beautiful canyons of the Zrmanja in Velebit Nature Park. Perfectly clear green waters, rapids and waterfalls, hidden swimming pools are waiting for you to make an unforgettable experience http://www.f-zrmanja.com/eng/# , http://www.huckfinncroatia.com/activities/rafting-zrmanja-river.php , http://www.raftrek.hr/en/day-trips/38/zrmanja-river–rafting- and many other will take you to this incredible journey.
Though Sibenik still has no golf course, even those addicted to the game may indulge themselves by playing at the mini-golf course. For more information go to http://www.solarishotelsresort.com/sport-recreation/.
Is there a more desirable destination for people looking for water adventure on a hot summer day than spending a day in the first water park in the heart of Dalmatia? For mor information go to http://www.solarishotelsresort.com/aquapark/
Horse riding
Are you a horse lover or you have always wanted to ride a horse? Then visit this center for both therapeutic and recreational horseback riding. For more information go to http://www.pegasus.hr/.

Events & Nightlife

Šibenik Cultural Summer
A little bit of everything to suit all tastes… Find out more in the official guide http://issuu.com/sibeniktz/docs/grad_je_pozornica_bfad2beb3a3979.
Dalmatian Chanson
Festival od Dalmatian Chanson: A two-evening-festival of old and new chansons presented live at one of the oldest squares in Sibenik. Both dedicated and serious work and choosing the best Croatian artists and authors have made it one of leading Croatian cultural and music festivals. It is held annually, in the second half of August. More info on http://www.sansona-sibenik.com/index.php.
ICF Šibenik
International Children’s Festival Šibenik: Initiated by several lovers of art for children, the festival was first held in 1958. However it has soon turned into a Šibenik’s trademark and a world renowned cultural event. Held in the second half of June and the beginning of July, it fills Sibenik streets with children’s giggle, laughter and murmur and makes every little square a stage. For more ifnormation go to http://www.mdf-sibenik.com/.
Recognized as special and worth visiting already in its first year, this festival brings well-known international names from the music industry. Due to restructuring, in 2014 a series of individual concert will be held at St. Michael’s Fortress with a maginficent view of the city of Šibenik stretching below it, while a big return in the already successful several-days-lasting-form is planned for the summer fo 2015. Stay tuned http://www.terraneofestival.com/.
Skradin Cultural Summer
Skradin’s Cultural Summer: Among many concerts held at small stone sqaures, the only one held annually is the Skradin festival of Dalmatian klapas (groups of singers singing traditional Dalmatian songs a capella) which is held at the beginning of August.
The Garden Festival
The first festival of electronic music on the Croatian coast, this festival is held under the stars, by the sea at the beginning of July in Tisno. More information on http://www.thegardenfestival.eu/.
Stop Making Sense
Stop Making Sense Festival: This festival of electronic music in Tisno is held at the end of July/ beginnning of August. More information on http://stopmakingsense.eu/.
SuperUho Festival
Oriented towards international music, this small, intimate festival will be held in Sibenik, under the starts on the city beach Banj, with a beautiful view of the city and the cathedral. In 2014 it will be held at the beginning of August. More information on https://twitter.com/SuperUho and https://www.facebook.com/Superuho.festival.
CMC Festival
Held in mid-June in Vodice, this festival has been hosting Croatian singers and bands for seven years. More information on http://www.cmcfestival.com/.
Cafes and nightclubs
The whole waterfront of Sibenik is filled with cafes and bars, among which the recently opened Azimut (https://hr-hr.facebook.com/Azimut.sibenik), which often has live music and is situated next to the St. James’s Cathedral, has very quickly become a favourite of both locals and tourists.

There are several nightclubs around Šibenik, the best known of which is probably Aurora Club in Primošten (http://www.auroraclub.hr/), one of the largest and most famous nightclubs in Croatia, exclusively arranged on two floors, with a spacious terrace, a dance floor and a pool, five bars and a VIP lounge. Other nightclubs include Hacienda (https://www.facebook.com/hacienda.hr), Exit (https://www.facebook.com/ClubExitVodice), Makina (http://www.makina-vodice.com/index.php/en/), Hookah Bar (http://www.hookah-bar.hr/)or the recently opened Baloo (http://www.baloobeachclub.com/) in Vodice.

What/Where to eat

For as long as anyone can remember, Dalmatians have lived from the sea- both as sailors and fishermen. No wonder that this long tradition has resulted in numerous dishes whose quality has been recognized and praised worldwide. Homemade salted sardines, shrimps, mussels or scallops (Jacob’s shells) on “buzara“ (sautéed in garlic, olive oil, parsley & white wine), calamari, cuttlefish (famous black risotto), octopus (especially under “peka“ (a large metal/ceramic cap) or as a cold salad), grilled tuna, sea brass, gilthead, mullet, all seasoned with Dalmatian olive oil of unparalleled quality or “brudet“ (fish stew) are just some of the dishes you should not miss.
Meat prepared under “peka“ (a large cap made of metal or ceramic, under which food retains its juiciness and has a distinctive taste, neither cooked nor baked) or on a spit re not to be missed! Lamb or veal are especially tasty. Other meat specialties you should definitely try include “pašticada“ (stewed beef dish cooked in special sauce, served with gnocchi) and Skradin risotto (carefully cooked for 9-11 hours, this meat risotto is a must-try). Tip: While waiting for your delicious meat dish to be served, definitely try some Drniš dry-cured ham alongside some domestic goat or sheep’s milk cheese.
While in Dalmatia, definitely try at least one of these: fritule (aromatic bite-sized dough balls, usually flavored with brandy and citrus zest, containing raisins and topped with powdered sugar), “kroštule“ (crunchy, deep-fried pastry), bread made under “peka“, “soparnik“ (Dalmatian chard filled pie) or Skradin cake (made of almonds, walnuts and honey, used to be tasted before the first wedding night).
Wines & spirits
Šibenik region produces some of the finest Croatian wines. These include Babić (ruby red wine of premium quality and very pleasant fragrance) and Plavina among red wines and Maraština and Debit among white wines. Among spirits, Travarica (herbal grappa), awarded with many medals, is probably best known worldwide, however homemade honey, cherry-, fig-, and other liqueurs are also worth tasting.
Among many restaurants in Sibenik an its region (to find restaurants, sorted by their location, go to http://sibenik-info.hr/Info/okusi-dalmacije/), we reccommend the following: http://www.konoba-porat.com/ in Zaton, next to Raslina, ethno villages in Solaris (http://www.solarishotelsresort.com/dalmatian-ethno-village/) or Pakovo selo (http://www.dalmati.com/index.php/en/), where you can enjoy traditional Dalmatian dishes, and in Sibenik, Restaurant Gradska vijećnica (http://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g295375-d2216351-Reviews-Gradska_Vijecnica-Sibenik_Sibenik_Knin_County_Dalmatia.html) and Pelegrini (http://www.pelegrini.hr/index_en.html) which are both located opposite the cathedral and for those wishing to taste some pizza, pasta, risotto, fish and meat dishes at affordable prices, Pub Liro (https://www.facebook.com/PivnicaLiro/timeline) or Pizzeria Kike (http://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g295375-d4588754-Reviews-Pizzeria_Kike-Sibenik_Sibenik_Knin_County_Dalmatia.html) are an excellent choice.

Wine bar Vino & ino in Šibenik offers a great variety of wines (https://www.facebook.com/VINOiINO). Further, we can organize wine tasting for you in cooperation with Winery Sladić, a small family winery awarded with many medals for its quality wines made of indigenous Dalmatian grape sorts (https://www.facebook.com/vinasladic).

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